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Healing the Divine Feminine

SCR process is also very effective when used to heal the Divine Feminine in women outside the pregnancy arena: such as shame around one's femininity, often, but not necessarily, stemming form sexual abuse; infertility, diseases or disorders of sacred organs; miscarriage; abortion; disempowering births for any woman who has given birth or any disharmony that one desires to clear from one's life.

The author below is in her twenty's, married, and has a little boy. She is not pregnant and is not seeking (at least any time soon) to be have another child. This is what she has to say about her 3 session SCR experience:

Please describe some of the most significant insights/healing/shifts that happened in each of the sessions:

First let me say that when I went into each session, I went in with a scrambled mind. My mind was filled with all the countless things "wrong" that must be remedied. All of these summarized issues that just needed to get the hell out of here so I could just get on with my life. Reflection has shown me since that I had no idea what or where that "getting on with life" really meant for me at the time, which only added to the cacophony. I was stressed and overwhelmed and utterly unfocused. No one thing could be singled out lest it's deteriorating effects be underestimated. There was no first step, and then another, and so on. In fact, the very thought of that sucked the air right out of my chest and braced my entire being for battle. The very thought of slowing down enough to simply take one step at a time was unbearable.

The first session, and each session after as well, claimed it's own direction of focus as if some alternate intelligence were picking for me. I realize now that the Reiki simply yet powerfully quieted my ego and reconnected me with my spirit, my intuition, my inner and universal self, and it was from this place that the direction was instigated. The first session focused greatly on my connection with my physical body. Going into the session, I felt utterly disconnected from my body and very resentful of it. I felt there was always something wrong with it. Something to be ashamed about. I felt at odds with it. As the session progressed, the direction and flow eerily effortless, I experienced a powerful revelation. I realized that at a critical point for my life as a female, I rejected my body and thus myself. Lost in a hostile world of conformist society, I blamed my body for my problems and shut it out. By realizing this fact during my session, I was able to mourn what I had lost. But even more importantly, I saw clearly the wisdom and spiritualism of my body, and the countless ways it has honored me throughout my life - even when, at the time, I viewed these physical experiences as problems. I immediately felt a powerful connection to my body, and felt so unconditionally loved. Like a small child loved by it's parent. I was able to release years worth of regret, guilt, anger, betrayal and abandonment and gave birth to a new relationship with my body. Upon leaving I felt a level of inner quiet I have never experienced before.

Going in to the second session, I had no idea what I wanted to focus on. I just knew that I was feeling angry, irritated and on edge. I also felt oddly numb. I figured it's seemed obvious that we'd be focusing on these angry emotions, but very quickly into the session we were able to go much deeper. We entered into great vaults of guilt, some incredibly old. It felt at times an unbearable amount of emotion, but this sensation was always alleviated at the last moment as I slowly released these long held beliefs. It was truly amazing how upon arriving that day I had no direction, but once we began the focus of the session was as true and sincere as anything could be. I have always known on some level that I have guilt issues. This session opened me up in a simplistic and gracefully blunt way right to my core. I know without a doubt that I was able to let go of a lot of old pain, never to suffer for it again, but rather feel compassion and gratitude for these experiences. Also worth noting was how afterward, Lisa shared with me an observation she had made during session about me having difficulty receiving. She gave me homework, if you will, to simply receive. I'm not sure what I thought of that at the moment, to be honest. I went out of town the following day on my first vacation in years, though I was more stressed than excited. However, something seemed to release in me and I had the most amazing, freeing, blissful time during which I felt in complete harmony with life and the people around me. I just knew everything would work itself out - travel logistics, weather, communication, etc. I came back home having truly received an amazing spiritual experience. I attribute this completely to the work we did in the reiki session.

The third session was pretty revolutionary for me, albeit each and every session was vitally life altering. I came to the session very depressed and oppressed by hopelessness I knew was false, but could not escape. Again, like the other sessions, the direction named itself and off we went on this amazing journey created by me, yet seemingly abstracted. Again, we went right to the core, naming such a distinctly significant issue for me - my paralyzing sense of urgency. This urgency is the strongest sensation that keeps me from being able to take any real action in my life. It sets vague and impossible goals and punishes me fiercely when I cannot achieve them. Upon releasing this fury, I experienced an immense energetic buoyancy. I wept outwardly and inwardly. My soul wept for sorrow, for joy and for the simple sake of release. It was truly amazing! I immediately felt sincere compassion for this part of me, the part that had been holding on to this urgency for so long. My inner judge who so harshly judges my experiences was silent. The rest of the session had a beautiful undertone of ease. We continued through intense and deeply powerful memories and wounds, but all the while I could hear my inner truth reassuring me. I wept freely, in every sense. I entered extreme joy as I heard my true self speak to me and simply saw myself for who I am.

What was helpful about going through the SCR process three times rather than just one?

It was helpful to experience this process in three sessions because each one was able to go deeper. They built upon each other, and created a staircase into my core issues. The depth and purity of the third session, I believe, was made possible by the incredible progress of the first two. For me the first session was more about the physical, the second more about the emotional and the third more about the spiritual.

Share some of the physical sensations that you had during the sessions:

During the sessions my hands tingled, sometimes intensely, but never painfully. I would also feel slight tightness and tingling in various places like my neck and shoulders, stomach and heart and even my legs. It would move constantly, and was often being released. Another sensation was almost like a rolling wave in my head and over my body. It was like I could feel the energy moving around, and it was rather pleasant. Like an energetic massage. I also had a headache going into two of the sessions, which was completely gone by the end of the sessions.

Overall what was/were the most significant outcome from having gone through the SCR process?

This process has created four incredible shifts within me. The first is awareness. Yes I've always been very self aware, but the awareness I have gained from these sessions is completely without judgement. I an open to see and understand various aspects of myself and my experience in a space of non-judgement. From this place I feel my growth is without bounds. I feel excited and deeply interested now when I have an experience or emotion or even a thought, when before it was usually just negative judgement. The second powerful shift is acceptance. This is like freedom in one word: Acceptance. In relation to the first shift, this too is about non-judgement. I realize that acceptance is not "settling for crap" as I had originally associated with the concept, but rather not resisting what is. By resisting, you refuse to connect to the here and now. By accepting, even if it is not what you desire, you conserve the energy you would normally waste angrily resisting and instead use it to embrace the opportunities that are available to create what you do desire. The third shift is that, for the first time in my life, I can move one step at a time. Before the mere idea of this was almost painful, and certainly not possible. It all had to happen at once! Which of course it couldn't, so nothing would happen and I suffered constantly. Now I see the single step and am empowered. I take this one step and suddenly the next step is there and it seems divine the way it relates to the previous step. I feel the growth I have so longed for is finally achievable. The fourth shift is the compassion I have gained for myself. Before it was all about what was wrong with me that needed to be fixed or better yet, gotten rid of. Now I see the parts of me that need healing, not losing, and I feel compassion. I want to heal them and I want to take the time to heal them properly.

Would you recommend this process to someone else? If so, what would you say to encourage them to go through it?

YES! When a person is ready to begin their healing process, it can be truly scary. Healing takes a lot of work, and most of us don't know where to start. That can be awful and overwhelming and often defeating. This process is a nurturing guide. It streamlines the chaos and locates the truth. It wastes no time and it makes no judgement. It frees you to do what you need to do, even if you believe you don't know what that is. And it does all of this while surrounding you with support and safety and acceptance.

Anything else that hasn't been covered in the above questions?

Well I think I've written a novel by now! I guess I just want to emphasize how this process really streamlines and clears out the clutter. I felt as if there was some outside intelligence sifting through my junk for me, so I didn't have to, in order to get me right to the point. It's hard to describe this. I know there is no way I would be at the place I am in now if it weren't for the support and power of reiki. Rosa A. Chicago, IL