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Parent Testimonials

During the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki sessions, the clearing process I went through to let go of all the negative pregnancy and birth memories about my first birth was a significant emotional event for me. Some memories that I had not even been aware of surfaced. When I birthed my second baby 13 months after my first birth, Reiki helped me re-center my thoughts after we transitioned to the hospital. I was able to get back to a place of peace and control. My body did all the work this time in a fraction of the time of my first birth. I spent less than 10 minutes actually pushing. It was more like my body was making her come out instead of me pushing her out. It’s an indescribable feeling. The most amazing thing is that although my blood pressure was elevated with this pregnancy as well I delivered with no medication, and she was born perfectly healthy. This program gave me the birth I'd always wanted to have. Thank you for helping Baleigh have such a peaceful entry into this world.

Heidi N., Killeen, TX

Reiki transformed my birthing experience. I have witnessed the two most extreme opposites of labor and delivery. My first birth was very traumatic- scary, painful, out of second birth was smooth, calm, peaceful, and painless. It is unbelievable the difference between the births. I am so blessed to have been guided to Cori to support me through this process.

Erin L. Evergreen Park, IL

When I was 8 months pregnant with my second child I visited Cori for Reiki sessions. Cori talked me through the memories of the birth of my first son and helped me locate and release the pain and fears I had been carrying around. She taught me relaxation techniques and a way to release fearful thoughts and feelings as they came up during the birth of my second son. Thanks to Cori's reiki sessions I had a much more peaceful, and trusting birth experience with my second son Joseph.

Bridget H., Lockport, IL

My wife and I have three children. We used some Reiki on our first child who was born in the hospital, where we experienced the birthing process we dreaded: invasive methods including unwanted drugs to induce birth in a cold, scientific environment, 8 or more people we did not know in attendance (baby born in his own time, undaunted). We received our second level Reiki attunement, experienced and practiced the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki method before our second labor. A truly mystical experience unfolded at home. Then, two years later, another miracle in a birthing center, with baby completely out at 12:00 on the dot, essentially helping us to set roots in a new community and new state. More than the childbirth was sacred. The individuals born, as well as the details of each birth before during and since their arrival, redefines sacred reality and unified mind of One People in the Light.

Jodie C., Seattle, WA