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Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ Four Years Later

As submitted to Reiki News Magazine Summer 2010 issue
by Cori Nielsen

"Breathe deeply into your belly following the contraction to its peak. Exhale. Each contraction takes you deeper and deeper into relaxation. All the muscles relax except those working to push the baby out."

I became the participant AND the observer. Crystal clarity. Still Presence surrounding, permeating, sustaining. Oneness, with myself, with Source, with the process. Undulating waves. Dancing the baby into the world. Painless. EMPOWERING.

That was my experience during the birth of our last child, sixteen years ago. Fourteen years ago Reiki found me and eventually my painless childbirth experience evolved into the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki© method of natural childbirth. To read the whole story and the birth stories of several amazing women I’ve worked with, please read “Reiki and Painless Childbirth” in Reiki News Magazine, spring 2006 issue.

My dresser overflows with statues that have found me over the years: pregnant goddesses, mothers holding babies, Isis, Sophia, Quan Yen, Gaia, and most recently a very large pregnant Black Madonna from Oaxaca, Mexico. All sit beneath a Navajo Marriage basket. They’ve gathered themselves creating an altar. Crystals anchor their energy, holding space for Sacred Childbirth to manifest again on this planet. It is the womb space of my dream of sacred birthing centers where birth is honored as a sacred rite of passage. These centers are infused with love, oases of light where the healing power of Reiki is used. Couples are empowered to have non-medicated, gentle, peaceful births with the assistance of alternative and allopathic healthcare. Babies’ first welcome is with warm, loving hands that honor them as Sacred Humans. What a powerfully positive imprint on the cellular memory of the child’s bodies!

Recently Sue from Wisconsin and Pam from Pittsburgh called, having read the first article in Reiki News Magazine. Both are excited about training to be practitioners of this program. It was Pam that suggested I write another article saying that while the first article shared the process of how to birth without pain using Sacred Childbirth with Reiki; it did not begin to convey the depth, the joyousness and the beauty of the program. I realized that as the program has gestated, the honoring of the spirit of the baby and the sacredness of birth as a rite of passage has emerged. The children born using this method are reported to be content, strong babies. While I knew that our son’s birth directly correlated to how he lives his life, I wondered if it was true with the other babies in the article. Were their peaceful births an on-going reflection of their lives? Let’s check in on them:


Our son, Caleb, was birthed at home. Five days of off-and-on labor culminated in 1 ½ hours of intense undulating waves of contractions. Minutes after birth, Caleb peacefully gazed into my eyes secure and content. Now a sophomore in high school he is a self-directed, easy-going, self-confident young man. A musician and honor student, he fondly calls himself a ‘band geek”. Having four older brothers who have had to prove themselves as fighters to get the other boys to stop picking fights with them, I asked him if kids were mean to him. His reply was, “Not anyone whose opinion matters to me.” His highest priority is happiness. He innately knows how to balance between work and play. So wise at such a young age!


Makayla, first child born to Angela and Joe, was induced with Pitocin due to a car accident that had caused Angela’s bag of waters to leak undetected. Joe, a Reiki I, gave Angela Reiki during labor and guided her through the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki visualization and breathing techniques. Makayla was a happy baby and developed early. She asked to be attuned when she was 5 days old. Tapping the symbols into those tiny hands, newly come from Source, was a holy experience! Makayla is now 7 ½. She has been joined by two brothers, Adrian, 3 ½ and Aaron, 20 months. Angela and Joe used Reiki for all three births. This is what Angela has to say:

"Makayla is just so in touch with her world around her...she still loves Reiki. She uses it, occasionally, herself. She's the one most "in tune" with the Reiki. We did use Reiki for both boys, but the births were so different. For instance, with Adrian, I did more very deep toning (humming). It just felt right for me...and even to this day, a great way to help calm him is by doing that. Aaron is perpetual motion. Throughout my entire labor I just wanted to walk and rock. We did use Reiki for Aaron, but not as much as we did for Makayla (I just couldn't sit still long enough). Aaron prefers to be rocked and walked to calm down. It's amazing at how different all of the births were and how much they have "stayed true" to the methods used to help ME relax during labor, helps them relax now.

Makayla and Adrian are both very gentle, very loving souls. They are much more sensitive to their environments. Aaron is a little more assertive. He's very strong and while he is very loving, laid back, easy going and happy go lucky, he has no problem with asserting himself when he feels he needs to."


Innana was born at home to Kerensa and Jodie and big brother, Imani. Kerensa described Innana as affectionate, observant, and self-confident. Reiki helped her to adjust seamlessly when Kerensa spent two days in ICU due to post-birth complications. Kerensa says, "the energy of the Reiki strengthened our connection. Innana is now six. She’s an extremely sensitive, energetic person. Reiki has helped her have a strong sensitivity to energy and to her connection with it."

Innana now has a little sister. She was born at a free-standing birthing center Kerensa says about her experience:

"I experienced a strong labor and Malaika was not waiting for me to get used to it. I labored in water again. My spouse Jodie easily worked on me with massage and Reiki and mimicked my rhythmic breathing, as the labor picked up intensity, I felt some back labor like my other births, but I felt better able to release into those sensations while riding the contractions. It was as if all the muscles were more coordinated. Malaika was born quickly with much gusto at high noon. Malaika’s temperament was calm, observant and friendly, usually patient if you will. It’s as if she knew from birth that she had to take turns with her siblings."

These stories speak of the empowering beauty of Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™. The following data speaks of the reality of birth for many.

Birthing Data in the United States:

What is the affect of an epidural on the baby? According to the American Pregnancy Association:

Though research is somewhat ambiguous, most studies suggest some babies will have trouble "latching on" which can lead to breastfeeding difficulties. Other studies suggest that the baby may experience respiratory depression, fetal mal-positioning; and an increase in fetal heart rate variability, which may increase the need for forceps, vacuum, cesarean deliveries and episiotomies.”

Patty Bowen, childbirth educator and labor and delivery nurse of 23 years at Yukon Medical Center in Connecticut and Sacred Childbirth with Reiki practitioner states that fear among birthing women is rampant. Dr. Grantly-Dick-Read in his book Childbirth Without Fear, explained that fear restricts blood circulation in the uterus which causes pain. His research proved that women who were not predisposed to fear had no birth pain. Sacred Childbirth with Reiki gets to the root of the fear.

Chi Follows Thought

Chi follows thought. When thought is charged with emotion, powerful manifestations happen, positive or negative. The key to the success of a sacred childbirth is that using Reiki, mothers and fathers are guided to re-experience their previous birth experiences, including their own to remove all fear and negativity from their body’s cellular memory. Doing so creates a blank canvas on which the dream they hold for their child’s birth can be created and practiced. They also learn to hold the awareness that they are co-creating with their baby the absolutely perfect birth experience for what the baby needs to learn to do its life work. With the assistance of the Reiki symbols, a focused, strong pathway is blazed within the bodies’ energy fields. During labor, the birthing energy flows along the newly created channels bringing into the physical dimension a sacred, empowering birth experience for both the baby and the parents.

The following are new stories of Sacred Childbirth with Reiki. Both are stories of second births. Pay attention to how the mothers feel about themselves and the experience.

Baleigh by her mom, Heidi

With Heidi’s first child she practiced for a calm, relaxed birth using a HypnoBirthing CD. She delivered in an army hospital. Early in labor, concerned about her slightly elevated blood pressure, they gave her Magnesium without telling her that a side effect was slowed labor. That led to 12 hours of hard labor on a Pitocen drip before she gave in to each nurse’s suggestion and agreed to an epidural. 14 hours later (26 hours of hard labor) she was hungry and exhausted when it was time to push. She says:

"I felt powerless, incapable of performing this one final task. After four hours of ineffective pushing the doctor announced they would be taking me to the OR to have a C-section. This was the absolute last straw for me! With four powerful pushes I gave birth to my son Thor. I wish I could say that I was overjoyed and basked in the glow of my first child’s birth but honestly, I was so tired, hungry and drugged, I don’t even remember holding my son for the first time. My recovery time was long and painful even though I hardly tore at all.

Baleigh was our second child was just 13 months after my son. I was scared of a repeat performance. Although I again practiced HypnoBirthing, my dream of a calm, peaceful birth was realized through Sacred Childbirth with Reiki©. I went through a clearing process to let go of all the negative pregnancy and birth memories. It was a significant emotional event for me. Some memories that I had not even been aware of surfaced. It saddened me to realize how little I got to bond with my son in the first hours of his life. I also went through visualization sessions with Cori to “see” what this birth could be like.

On Thanksgiving morning 2007 my labor started. I was so excited! We decided to go on with our planned activities for the day until I felt it was time to go to the hospital. I felt more in control this time and didn’t want a doctor taking that away from me. Towards early evening, my contractions were about two minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. After 5 needle sticks trying to start the obligatory IV, with my tension rising I said “no more” and the doctor agreed.

Not only was Cori my Sacred Childbirth with Reiki© practitioner but she’s my mother-in-law. She was there and helped me re-center my thoughts and I was able to get back to a place of peace and control. My labor progressed quickly and with relatively no discomfort. I walked for about an hour before my water broke and I decided to spend the rest of my labor on the birthing ball or in bed receiving Reiki on my lower abdomen. When I reached the transition point I felt very powerful. I lay on my side and curled up almost in the fetal position to push. Someone held my leg and I could actually feel the baby causing friction because she was moving so fast. My body did all the work this time and in a fraction of the time. I spent less than 10 minutes actually pushing and it was more like my body was making her come out instead of me pushing her out. It’s almost an indescribable feeling. The most amazing thing is that although my blood pressure was elevated with this pregnancy as well, I birthed with no medication. Both children were born perfectly healthy. My recovery this time was also amazingly fast. About an hour after giving birth I was ready to go home and if they had let my daughter go then we would have gone home.

My daughter was such a happy well adjusted infant. She slept through the night very early on and was very contented. This was such a great departure from Thor. He would cry if not held and would only sleep curled up on my chest for 20 minutes at a time for the first 6-8 weeks."

James by his mom, Erin

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ transformed my birthing experience. I have experienced the two most extreme opposites of labor and delivery. The birth of my first child, Tess, was very traumatic. She was born a month after my husband's parents were killed instantly in a car crash. I was in the hospital for high blood pressure, had a lot of swelling, and was very uncomfortable that month before giving birth. Before that month, the pregnancy had been very easy and comfortable so I know my trouble was directly related to the emotional stress I was undergoing. Tess was a week late. I was induced with her (which was not in my "plan"). I was in labor for 18 hours. I pushed for three hours before she was born. My epidural did not work so I was in tremendous pain. I was so scared and felt very out of control during delivery. When Tess finally emerged, the cord was wrapped around her neck. Thank God my doctor acted so quickly and was able to remove the cord and call for emergency assistance. Before I knew it, the room was filled up with strangers and they put Tess under oxygen and whisked her away to the NICU. I was petrified. My placenta did not come out naturally so after a half an hour, I had to have that physically removed. It was such a nightmare. I had no idea labor and delivery could be so terrifying. I was frightened for my baby and just longed to hold her. I finally was able to see Tess after a couple of hours and I nursed her and cried and cried. I was so relieved that she was safe and healthy.

When I was pregnant with James, I made a decision to not go through anything remotely like my past experience again. My intent for James’s birth was for it to be peaceful, natural, and without complications. My sister and I attended a holistic healing convention. I was drawn to Cori instantly. I saw her name was Cori and that she did Reiki and I knew immediately who she was. Cori trained my Aunt Laurie, who was like a second mother to me, in all the levels of Reiki. My aunt had recently passed away. I feel like she guided me to Cori so that I could create the birth I wanted to have with Tess but was unable to.

I was about 5 months pregnant at the time and knew this was exactly what I needed. Cori and I then met several times for Sacred Childbirth with Reiki©. She talked me through each session. She had me re-live my birth experience with Tess. It was strange at first and I thought I could tell the story with ease since I had so many times before to family and friends. However, this time it was different. The feelings that came over me were overwhelming. I felt a release of all the tension, anger, sadness, fear, and worry I was carrying with me for so long. I did not even realize that I had experienced all these feelings and realized that I felt guilty for feeling the way I did so I suppressed my emotions. I tried to focus on the elation, joy, and love I felt for having Tess but those other feelings were there and they needed to come out. The Reiki helped me let go and give my feelings up to God. We first worked on reliving the experience, then recreating it, then intending the new experience of the birth of my second child. During the last session, my sister who also does Reiki, was there because she was my planned support person during delivery. She and Cori worked together to determine how she could "coach" me and assist me through the birth. Cori helped me tremendously through the process. I knew in my heart that the birth of James would be different.

I began having contractions with James at 9pm on December 15, 2008. Cozy in my home, I was very peaceful and tried to rest. I felt so much more in touch with my body this time. I used visualization techniques Cori introduced me to and "reframed" the pain to "pressure." I walked, stretched, and did Reiki on myself. Three hours later, settled into my room at the hospital, I was dilated to 7 cm with contractions very close. This experience was moving much quicker than the last! I felt like the baby was just bursting to join this world! I was focusing on my breathing and doing Reiki on myself to manage the pressure because it was becoming more frequent and more intense. I was told by the nurse that I needed to stay in the bed and in the same position due to the fetal monitor. This was very difficult for me. I felt like I could handle the pressure when I was able to move, stretch, and walk around. For this reason, I decided to ask for an epidural. The epidural provided relief and I felt more comfortable in the bed. At about 10 minutes to 8am, the doctor said it was time for me to push. I literally pushed three times which took just a few minutes, and the baby emerged. I heard his healthy, hearty cry and burst into tears.

I was shocked at the difference of this birthing experience. I felt no pain or emotional trauma. I was absolutely in heaven. I knew it was truly the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki© and setting my intention that made all the difference. James was a wonderful nurser right from the start. I was able to hold him immediately. I was well enough to talk on the phone after about five minutes and share the news with friends/family. I was AMAZED at the difference. It was mind boggling.

This experience was very empowering. It is incredible the power we have over our bodies and the way we experience pain/discomfort. I feel like I have so much more control over my health and my body. James is a joyful, content, relaxed baby. He is healthy-eats and sleeps well and has a very calm demeanor. James has a smile and a twinkle in his eye that could light up the world. He is my little angel.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

As a planet we are experiencing times of rapid transformation. There have been great shifts in energy, portals of light are opening, and higher dimensions are more assessable. Esoteric teachings have opened to the masses from many ancient sacred traditions. With these teachings, vibrations are raising, enlightenment becoming possible for many. I feel it is a time when those of much higher vibration are preparing to birth into our planet in masses. How will we receive them?

Years ago a spiritual counselor said, “Never forget that you are working with ancient souls in little bodies.”

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We have birthed ourselves into this time and space to be the trailblazers for these enlightened souls. They are calling us to use the tools we’ve been given to make the changes we know in our hearts are needed. The Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ method of natural childbirth is one way that we can welcome them. If your heart feels moved there are several ways you can participate:

However Reiki manifests through you, whatever your passion,
I encourage you to share it.
This is the Hour!
from the final lines of a prophetic message sent out from the Elders of the Hopi, “the People of Peace"